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100 Most Influential African American Leaders in California

To celebrate Black History is to remember and reflect, to commemorate, to educate, and to recognize the accomplishments of African Americans from the time of the Middle Passage through today. These accomplishments have been exhibited in dreamers and doers, geniuses, innovators, record-breakers, and symbols of pride and aspiration. And although these exemplary individuals demonstrate greatness all year round, Black History Month is a particularly special time where, above all else, these people and their contributions to society, are honored. The 100 Most Influential African American Leaders in California award recognizes the efforts and achievements of African Americans who, thanks to their determination, perseverance, intelligence, talent, and skill, have excelled in their respective California sectors. These leaders have triumphed over the odds and continue to inspire generations of aspiring California professionals of all cultural backgrounds.


Recipients of the Emerging Leader Award meet the following criteria:

  • Top leader in their organization and profession
  • Directly contributes to California growth or strategic direction of the organization
  • Effective role model who inspires other African Americans and is active in mentoring the next generation of African Americans in the industry
  • Operates with the highest integrity and ethical behavior

100 Most Influential African American Leaders in California

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