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Racial Justice and DE&I Advocacy

The Racial Justice and DE&I Advocacy Award recognize individuals, companies, and organizations committed to building awareness and advocacy to bring about the different elements of racial and social justice, including diversity, inclusion, and equity.



  • An extraordinary commitment to providing a critical voice necessary for change and seeks long-term sustainable actions that promote racial equity and justice.
  • Promotes and believes a social justice framework guides diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives forward by explicitly addressing issues of injustice.
  • Demonstrates dedication and a continuing commitment to advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice in their workplace and beyond.
  • Supports the exploration and advancement of racial justice and provides resources, opportunities, and access to racial justice initiatives and resources.
  • Actively works to dismantle structural racism, address policies, practices, systems, and other activities that promote or maintain inequitable opportunities or resources for historically minoritized or marginalized individuals and populations.