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DEI Emerging Leaders

The future belongs to the next generation and our focus is to recognize those who will lead them. These emerging leaders will face challenges from problems we have yet to imagine. They are more than just influencers. They are fearless, insightful, globally minded, pioneering and unrelenting with idealism. They lead in obscurity with intention, agility, inclusiveness and collaboration in complex, dynamic environments in ways unlike any previous generation before them. They stand ready in the wings at organizations across every industry and they deserve our support, our investment and our recognition. So, with a distinction that matches their hopeful exuberance, we celebrate these individuals with The Top Emerging Leaders Award.


Recipients of the Top Emerging Leaders Award meet the following criteria:

  • Make an impact in their organization, profession or community
  • Have a record of increased responsibility and sustained success
  • emonstrate peer leadership and executive leadership potential
  • Currently serve in a role other than an executive or senior leadership role
  • Have no previous national or international leadership recognition
  • Demonstrate values of courage, inclusiveness, innovation, faithfulness, persistence and humility

DEI Emerging Leaders

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