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DEI Advocate

The DEI Advocate Award honors those who are responsible for taking leadership on matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion within their institutions, corporations, divisions and universities assisting deans and/or vice presidents in meeting their DEI goals. A DEI Advocate is committed to: educating themselves and others about oppression, discrimination, privilege and other social justice issues, and combating these issues on a personal level. Diversity Advocates continue to put DiversityFIRST™ through visionary leadership and commitment to fostering change for ages to come.



  • Demonstrated dedication and continuing commitment to advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion in their workplace.
  • Fostered positive communication and actively promoted inter-group relations among persons of different races, ages, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious backgrounds, or physical and mental abilities.
  • Participates in a variety of corporate and community events that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation or tolerance: any level of involvement in community events, projects, efforts or organizations that promote or celebrate tolerance and contribute to diversity awareness in the community and workplace.
  • The ability to value and respect diverse points of view and varied ways to approach issues and topics.
  • Leads others by his/her actions while advocating for change

DEI Advocate

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