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DiversityFIRST™ Award – Corporations

The purpose of this award program is to recognize corporations that have demonstrated outstanding achievements and sustained commitment to the pursuit of cultural diversity and inclusion in the community.

The award was created to recognize and commend corporations for their support of diversity and inclusion in the community, in turn transforming our diverse community into a truly inclusive environment where corporations are valued for their talent and able to reach their full potential.


  • Developed and implemented an effective equal opportunity or affirmative action program as demonstrated by a diversified work force
  • Exhibit visionary and insightful leadership to confront and resolve inequities through strategic decision-making, allocation of resources, and establishment of priorities.
  • Improvement of equal opportunity and greater access to government and government services by multiracial, multicultural populations and increased citizen participation
  • Demonstrate a consistent pattern of an organizational commitment to the recruitment and retention of individuals of underrepresented populations.
  • Cultivate and promote diversity initiatives that establish and foster a more inclusive and equitable work/learning environment.
  • Demonstrated continued corporate responsibility by devoting resources for the improvement of community at large.

DiversityFIRST™ Award - Corporations

The deadline for award nominations is 2 months prior to the event or publication date. *Please note that award opportunities are filled on a rolling basis beginning as early as 8 months prior to the event date, so award openings may be filled prior to the nomination deadline.