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Top 50 Chief Human Resources Officers

If people are a company’s greatest asset, then Chief Human Resources Officers have a lot riding on their shoulders. They are stewards and strategists who are responsible for a company’s talent and performance blueprint – all of which drive the business forward. The National Diversity Council seeks to award upper-level executives who have successfully transformed talent acquisition, employee retention, and organizational culture to drive business results and chart the course for future progression.



  • Demonstrates a high level of initiative, responsibility and resourcefulness within HR
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and fairness through ethical and moral leadership, enhancing the credibility of the individual and the organization as a whole.
  • Positively influences and inclusive of others to build consensus in group, departmental or organizational settings
  • Manages and champions diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts effectively through formal or informal leadership

Top 50 Chief Human Resources Officers

The deadline for award nominations is 2 months prior to the event or publication date. *Please note that award opportunities are filled on a rolling basis beginning as early as 8 months prior to the event date, so award openings may be filled prior to the nomination deadline.