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Top 50 Employee Resource Groups

The Top 50 ERG/BRG Award recognizes those ERGs/BRGs who are committed to excellence and support the National Diversity Council’s vision of creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment where individuals are valued for their talents and empowered to reach their fullest potential. This award honors group for their extraordinary and unfailing commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and surrounding communities. The role of Employee Resource Groups and Business Resource Groups in today’s corporate world is becoming more prominent. Organizations are using them to ignite meaningful business conversations and charge leadership with utilizing their resources. ERGs and BRGs, through their efforts in skill and innovation, develop genuine talent pools that mirror the business, as well as bringing awareness to existing barriers and actively creating solutions for positive change.




  • Demonstrates a commitment to promoting a diverse workplace environment
  • Displays a consistent pattern of organizational commitment to the recruitment and retention of individuals of underrepresented populations
  • Cultivates and promotes diversity initiatives that establish and foster a more inclusive and equitable work/learning environment
  • Maintains a record of accomplishments in areas of diverse management, recruiting, and leadership
  • Proven track record of sound policies and practices that support positive environmental, employee, economic, community and social impact.
  • A demonstrated growing commitment to using the power of corporate decision making as a tool for sustainability and corporate citizenship.

The deadline for award nominations is 2 months prior to the event or publication date. *Please note that award opportunities are filled on a rolling basis beginning as early as 8 months prior to the event date, so award openings may be filled prior to the nomination deadline.