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Top Global Companies for Diversity & Innovation

As diversity and innovation has grown into a major business imperative, so too has the call to rank companies on their efforts. In fact, many companies covet the rankings on such lists. In a culture that puts significant emphasis on lists and rankings, such lists are the start, not the end of a company’s demonstrated commitment to diversity and innovation. The National Diversity Council introduces the next generation of quantitative and qualitative assessment of a company’s diversity and innovation efforts. Using a proprietary process, The National Diversity Council assesses a company’s global diversity and innovation efforts in the areas of People, Community, Supplier Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Presence.



  • Drives diversity through innovation across international operations within the public and/or private sectors
  • Sustains a record of diversity and/or contributions to field of work throughout the industries within all global locations
  • Has clout within her organization in terms of significant impact on revenues, profitability, and/or direction of the organization
  • Demonstrates leadership and commitment to community well-being and/or high visibility in the community
  • Exhibits and demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professional excellence
  • Formal Diversity & Inclusion Council with the organization’s Chief Executive Officer on board

Top 50 Global Companies for Diversity & Innovation

The deadline for award nominations is 2 months prior to the event or publication date. *Please note that award opportunities are filled on a rolling basis beginning as early as 8 months prior to the event date, so award openings may be filled prior to the nomination deadline.