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Power 50

In celebration of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we want to honor women in the C-Suite (CEO, CFO, COO, Senior Executives, etc) from top companies who endeavor to improve not just their departments and companies, but their communities as well. Now we celebrate their hard work and progressive initiatives that serve to make the gender gap in the C-Suite just that much smaller.


  • Exhibits commitment to the success of their company in terms of generating growth and profitability.
  • Is regarded as a respected and knowledgeable figure by peers and mentors alike.
  • Demonstrates dedication to community service and empowers other women in achieving their success.
  • Has significant power in her organization and possesses strong leadership skills which have directly benefited her organization.

Requirements of Award Winners

  • Send bio and a photo, which needs to be in 300dpi resolution and in jpeg or gif style, to event coordinator.
  • Answer a short questionnaire

Nomination Process

Call for Nominations

  • A call for nominations is sent out through email blast, and social media networks
  • Individuals nominate award winners online or via email.

Awards Committee

  • A local awards committee is formed, composed of 3-5 people with diverse backgrounds who research potential award winners.
  • They seek input from the State Council Board of Directors and council members.


  • Award winners are notified of their selection by Dennis Kennedy, Founder and Chairman of the National Diversity Council.

Power 50 Award